Australasian Transport Research Forum

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ATRF 2018 Initial Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the 40th Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF) Conference is to be held in Darwin in the Northern Territory from 30 October to 1 November 2018. The ATRF brings together transport researchers, policymakers, advisors and practitioners from a range of disciplines to share and build upon the latest research and thinking in the transport sector.

This year the Call for Papers invites submission of both Research Papers and Professional Practice Papers that are focused as follows:

  • The ‘Research Paper’ stream is primarily for academics and professional researchers who seek to have their work reviewed fully peer reviewed. Multiple reviewers assess these papers based on a range of criteria commonly applied to scientific research, particularly the extent to which the paper advances knowledge in the field.
  • The ‘Professional Practice Paper’ stream is designed primarily for practitioners from government and the private sector. Professional Practice Papers will be reviewed from the perspective of their contribution to professional practice rather than their scientific contribution. These papers are expected to provide an insightful description of rigorous professional work associated with the administration, planning, design or operation of the transport system. Papers are expected to have relevance beyond the jurisdiction or organisation where the work was undertaken and authors are encouraged to consider the broader implications of their work for professional practice. Papers must be free from obvious advertising or self-promotion.

The ATRF conference cover a wide range of topics, and authors are invited to submit papers covering topics such as:

  • freight & logistics
  • traffic modelling, forecasting & simulation
  • transport analysis & big data
  • active transport (cycling, walking, etc.)
  • public transport
  • transport & land use / urban design
  • planning and policy
  • transport economics, impacts and environment
  • aviation / maritime
  • ITS connected and autonomous vehicles
  • safety
  • transport funding and pricing
  • travel behaviour & demand management
  • traffic engineering & management

Authors should note that full papers need to be submitted by 19 June 2018 regardless of whether you are submitting to the Research Paper or Professional Practice Streams. There is no prior submission of abstracts.

The conference web site is currently being established and once it is operational a link will be available from the permanent ATRF web site. The conference web site will provide details of the paper submission and peer review process, templates for formatting papers and a link for uploading papers. Registration will open later in the year. Please note that you must be registered in order to present a paper at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you in October in the Top End!

Hannah Feneley and Louise McCormick
Co-Chairs ATRF 2018—Darwin